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  • xo for the holidays volume 8 is here!

    Is it too early early for holiday music? We have our annual FREE holiday comp featuring 9 xo bands (all genres and from everywhere)

    This is the 8th year in a row we have done this it’s free and its dang good! Hope you can share it. Tis the season! And these comps are a way better listen then Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber….


    Stephen Jordan (artwork)

    -Artwork is a combination of digital and freehand drawings with ink. 

    -Lot of weave type drawing designs to allude to the idea of coming together for the holidays. 

    -Each side of the crescent shaped design is symmetrical in terms of drawing patterns yet the bottom center portion is not as symmetrical. This was designed to symbolize diversity and culture coming together despite potential differences.

    1.  Snowed In - STUBBORN SON (Seattle, WA)

    2.  Rootin Tootin Santa Clause - PINEY GIR (London, UK)

    3.  Mas X - WINTER SOUNDS (Nashville, TN)

    4.  Winter wAnderland – ARTPEACE (Los Angles, CA)

    5.  Celebrating Every Day - JOSEPH DEMAREE (Makawao, HI)

    6.  Not A Holiday Song – CALISSE (Portland, OR)

    7.  Hazy Shade Of Winter – MAGNUSON (Los Angeles, CA)

    8.  Merry Christmas Baby - ALEJANDRA O'LEARY (Portland, ME)

    9.  White Christmas - REVOLT REVOLT (Boise, ID)

    grab the free zip here: zip to whole album 

    check out the previous 7 here: http://xopublicity.com/xo-holiday-compilations-2