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  • This Heat archival series continues with three EVEN HOTTER new releases coming this summer on Light in the Attic

    This Heat archival series continues with three EVEN HOTTER new releases coming this summer on Light in the Attic

    If you’re truly cool, you already know that, basically four decades ago, Brixton avant-post-punk trio This Heat put out three massively influential records records (1979’s This Heat, 1980’s Health and Efficiency, and 1981’s Deceit) that fused boring ol’ “punk rock” with everything from krautrock to dub to musique concrète and noise to industrial to Scottish bagpipe music (okay, good catch, that last one was a lie; just testing to make sure you’re truly cool).

    Since you’re truly cool, you ALSO know that the Light in the Attic label, with the “full co-operation” of surviving members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward, began a comprehensive reissue campaign a few years ago with the intent of bringing This Heat’s seminal sounds back to the the steaming hot turntables of truly cool motherfuckers everywhere. 

    And now, that campaign continues with the announcement of three of the band’s even rarer, even OBSCURE-EREVEN FURTHER OUT OF PRINT releases, all of which are probably being cast in delicious wax even as we speak: Made Available (a compilation of super-early John Peel sessions from 1977), Repeat / Metal (a sort of unofficial “posthumous album” recorded in 1979-80 buy not released until 1993), and Live 80 - 81 (a compilation of “rough cassette tape recordings of European gigs in Tilburg, Nijmegen, Ärhus, Apeldoorn, Vienna and Rheims between April 1980 and June 1981”).

    But…just how RARE are these three albums, you ask? Well, Mr./Mrs. SNOOTY: The Made Avilable LP hasn’t been “available” on vinyl for 20 years, and the other two have NEVER been issued on vinyl before. All three of these badboys are currently being readied for your rapacious consumption on August 3 in a plethora of delectable format options (pre-order each of them from Light in the Attic herehere, and here, respectively). 

    And, needless to say, ALL THREE are somehow SIMULTANEOUSLY the most important record ever. Don’t even ask how that’s possible. (Besides, if you don’t already just intrinsically know, then you might not be truly cool.)

    Made Available tracklisting: 

    01. Horizontal Hold
    02. Not Waving
    03. The Fall Of Saigon
    04. Basement Boy
    05. Rimp Romp Ramp
    06. Sitting
    07. Makeshift Swahili
    08. Slither

    Repeat / Metal tracklisting: 

    01. Repeat
    02. Metal 

    Live 80 - 81 tracklisting: 

    01. Horizontal Hold
    02. Paper Hats
    03. S.P.Q.R.
    04. Triumph
    05. Aerial Photography
    06. The Rough With The Smooth
    07. Makeshift Swahili
    08. Music Like Escaping Gas
    09. A New Kind Of Water
    10. Twilight Furniture
    11. Health And Efficiency