• Press

    At XO, there is no typical campaign. The needs of the client determine our course of action. Ultimately, the goal of each project is the same; to reach maximum exposure in targeted outlets. The client selects national, regional, Canadian, college, online, and/or tour campaigns. XO Publicity has clips that have run in NPR, The Big Takeover, New Yorker, Magnet, Alarm, Bust, High Times, Performer Magazine, Outburn, MKOB, CMJ, AP, LA Weekly, Cowbell, URB, PopMatters, Daytrotter, American Songwriter, No Depression, Hustler, Paste, Decibel, UK's Rock Sound, Spin, and many more publications. Not only do we seek reviews, but also features and placement in special sections including: editors notes, tour diaries, song of the day, spinning now in the office, and self-revues. We hit fanzines, weeklies, dailies, onlines, blogs, specialty magazines, podcasts, college publications, and webzines all in one mailing!
  • Radio

    XO offers radio campaigns to our clients as well. We have secured a huge indie, college and national radio database. Now our clients have the option to send their promos to radio stations all over the United States and the UK. Radio campaigns are just another great way to get your music out there and to expand your listening base. Currently, you can hear some of our artists on: CKZP 102.7 FM, WLSO 90.1 FM, KUCI 88.9 FM, KNRK, KNRK, KUFO, K100, Z100, KPSU, KEXP, KXLU. All campaigns will be suited to the artist and an appropriate package will be determined. For more details contact XO directly.
  • Press Releases

    XO writes press releases as well! The standard format includes: marketing and selling points, Q&A with the band, target markets, a short overview, and a photo. These releases can be used for any mailing:press, radio, booking, and shopping. Press releases are kept to one clear, concise, readable page.