Kool Stuff Katie

    Premiere: Kool Stuff Katie play video games in “You Found a Friend” video

    By: Treble Staff

    Portland, Oregon power pop outfit Kool Stuff Katie released their new album It’s Fine last month, and today Treble is premiering a new video from the album, for “You Found a Friend.” The video is pretty simple—two friend and bandmates just hanging out, playing music and Atari games and having a good time. Looks like fun!

    The band released this statement about the video:

    “You Found a Friend” is a song that has a straightforward message – the name says it all. So the video doesn’t overthink its interpretation. Against a simple white backdrop, Kool Stuff Katie’s two members (Shane Blem and Saren Oliver) are given free reign to just do what they do best: hang out and goof around. Under the fun and artful direction of Bryson Steele, the energy between Blem and Oliver are highlighted as they attempt to skateboard, play games, dance around and otherwise engage in all manner of fun. The video encapsulates exactly what the song does: it’s just buds being buds.

    Watch the Kool Stuff Katie “You Found a Friend” video below.

    Kool Stuff Katie’s It’s Fine is out now.


  • Album premiere: Farewell Blacksheep by Câlisse

    Calisse playing live at Dante's in Portland Sept 30, 2015

    20 April 2016

    Calisse playing live at Dante’s in Portland Sept 30, 2015

    Happy 4/20, everybody! What better day to appreciate the wild, weird wooly sounds of Portland, Oregon’s Câlisse and their spectacular debut album Farewell Blacksheep.

    Câlisse began when James Collette and Morganfield Riley were introduced by a filmmaker friend and played the following Halloween, enlisting likeminded pals to cover Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. That went so well that when Collette decided to record a solo project, Morganfield asked if he could produce one of the songs. The work inevitably expanded into more tracks and finally a full-length album under the moniker they had hastily chosen for their initial holiday show.

    Câlisse also includes Karen Moore (vocals, keyboards), Rob Iggulden (drums), Tim Riva(bass) and Chelsea Appel (vocals), although Riva has recently been replaced by Kevin HoffmanFarewell Blacksheep also became a sound collaboration with owner/engineer/producer Jason Driver of Fur Vault PDX. The album was tracked in just 48 hours, followed by months of mixing and mastering. Driver was so drawn to the album and the work with Câlisse that he asked to sign the band to his new label, Almabrain. Farewell Blacksheep, which dropped last week, is the label’s debut offering.

    Farewell Blacksheep is a glorious mutt of an album, a cinematic, kaleidoscopic jumble of styles and sounds, with surprises at every turn. You’ll want the good headphones for this one. Also Sour Diesel.

  • Introducing: Câlisse


    Who: James Collette (guitar, vocals), Kevin Hoffman (bass), Rob Iggulden (drums), Karen Moore (keyboard, vocals), Morganfield Riley (guitar, vocals).

    For fans of: Black Mountain, Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown.

    Sounds like: The bizarro love child of Jeff Mangum and Jello Biafra flushed down a dark rabbit hole.

    Its inception began in October 2014, with James Collette gathering a few friends to cover the beloved 1998 Neutral Milk Hotel album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in its entirety. From there, he began planning his ideal album in his head, even booking studio time for a batch of songs he'd written and reaching out to high-profile musicians in Portland as potential producers. As his appointment drew closer, he struggled to get anyone to commit to the gig on such short notice and felt the increasing need to recruit other musicians to help flesh out the strange sounds he was planning. In a last-minute whirlwind, Collette finally formed a backing band of sorts.

    "Karen [Moore] and I had been roommates years earlier," he says. "Kevin [Hoffman] had just moved back from New Orleans, and I just kept texting him over and over. Rob [Iggulden] I'd known for a few weeks. He had a Wilco shirt, and I said, 'You play music? You wanna play on a record?'"

    Production duties eventually fell to Morganfield Riley (who now plays guitar and sings in the band full-time) and Jason Driver, who owns Fur Vault PDX Recording Studio in Southeast Portland, where Collette's album, Farewell, Blacksheep, was recorded last March. The songs have a bipolar edge executed so precisely it's hard to imagine the musicians were all barely more than strangers. Collette employs a playful, elastic tweak to some of his phrasing that's reminiscent of Frog Eyes' Carey Mercer, and his vocal melodies are interlocked with unexpected instrumental bursts of brass or low-end boom that negate any sort of expectation. For a band that came out of a tribute to Neutral Milk Hotel, it retains the bombast of "Holland, 1945" but shoved through a dirtier lens—as if The Diary of Anne Frank were illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. 

    Since the recording, Câlisse has undergone some minor lineup changes as members started families or moved away, but the current roster is in a place where everyone is still fully dedicated. With a full year having passed between the record being made and then released, Câlisse has already tweaked the live performance of the songs and integrated several new ones, which will appear on its forthcoming sophomore effort, planned for release later this year. What began as one man's project has now taken on communal aspects.

    "The dynamics have changed," Riley says. "With the first record, a lot of the songs were fleshed out on acoustic and adapted for a band, and they were James' songs. Now, there are songs that other people are bringing in. Even if a song is somewhat structured when it comes into the studio, it undergoes a treatment and changes to something else. It's become a lot less tentative."

    SEE IT: Câlisse plays the World Famous Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick St., with Small Million, Christopher Bock and DJ Extra Gold, on Wednesday, April 20. 9 pm. Free. 21+.


  • The 10 best songs of the week : ALKE – BUTTERFLY

    ALKE is the partnership of singer songwriter Audrey Karrasch and producer Jameson Flood, and it could prove an inspired pairing. Karrash always had a gift for writing a pop song, and Flood provides the instrumentation and arrangements to make the songs bigger and bolder. Butterfly isn’t too complicated, but it’s powerful, and will hook you.




    ALKE has just unleashed their new single, “Butterfly,” a soulful pop tune with a swelling, orchestral feel to it. To celebrate, MAGNET is offering a free download of “Butterfly” while also featuring the new music video for the song, a different and experimental take on the traditional “live” music clip. Check both out below.

    “Butterfly” (download):

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  • PASTE Exclusive: Logan Lynn Announces Eighth Studio Album Adieu, Out in Sept.

    Exclusive: Logan Lynn Announces Eighth Studio Album <i>Adieu</i>, Out in Sept.

    Portland-based singer/songwriter and Dandy Warhols protegé Logan Lynn has announced that his eighth studio album, Adieu, will be released on Sept. 27. It’ll be available for pre-order on Jul. 1.

    Lynn, a recovering addict and an outspoken activist for mental health awareness and the LGBTQ community, discussed the intensely personal inspiration behind Adieu in a release that accompanied the announcement. “Right before my last record came out, my sweet dog Dutch, who had been my best friend and only real companion for over a decade, was killed suddenly and tragically by someone I should not have trusted,” he wrote. “Dutch’s death broke my heart in ways nothing had before, and right on the tails of that deep loss, the truth of my relationship with the man I had loved for years hit suddenly, as well.” 

    But rather than turning away from the pain, Lynn used it to fuel his creativity. “Adieu is about saying goodbye to love,” he continues. “It is also, at times, about my not wanting to live…or not knowing how to move through this traumatic experience we all call ‘living.’” Thankfully, Lynn did not succumb to the suicidal thoughts that plague him and so many others, and now he has his eighth album to show for it.


  • Calisse - Farewell, Blacksheep Reviewed on Babysue

    Calisse - Farewell, Blacksheep (CD, Almabrain, Progressive pop)
    We love the blurbs that Kaytea from XO Publicity writes for the projects she's working on. For this album, she described the music as "...weird, absorbing, spellbinding, and beautiful. At any moment, the songs are likely to merge vintage Californian garage-pop, a dash of freakbeat, Texas lysergic threnody, and 70s counter-culture inspired vocals." If you can even begin to understand such a cryptic description (we sure could), then there's a good chance you'll enjoy the wildly trippy sounds on the latest release from Calisse. If there's a single word we would use to describe this music it would be...unpredictable. You really never know from one song to the next what these folks will come up with. And in today's world filled with ultra-predictable carbon copycats, that is saying something. The band is comprised of James Collette, Kevin Hoffman, Rob Iggulden, Karen Moore, and Morganfield Riley. So...what other artists or bands can this be compared to...? Well, possibly a number of different obscure artists from the past and present...and on the other hand, possibly none at all. This music exists purely in its own unique universe. These folks aren't trying to fit into a genre, please any specific fans, or make money. They're just doing what they do and, in the process, creating some wildly inventive stuff that is light years beyond the scope of the average listener. This will undoubtedly end up being one of our favorite albums of 2016. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.



    Preaching gospel of groove and grit

    Music industry vet Redray Frazier plans Secret Society show 

    COURTESY: AARON HEWITT PHOTOGRAPHY - Singer-guitarist Redray Frazier poses for a photo in downtown Portland for his Blood In The Water album.

    COURTESY: AARON HEWITT PHOTOGRAPHY - Singer-guitarist Redray Frazier poses for a photo in downtown Portland for his Blood In The Water album.

    Singer-guitarist Redray Frazier had just finished the 1998 H.O.R.D.E tour, headlined by jam band Blues Traveler, when his band Mosaic was invited to play a party in Portland, where the tour had ended. 

    Tired from the road, the band at first thought about turning down the gig, but the lure of some quick dough to help them get back to their New York City home was too much. So Mosaic played the party and a woman at the bash, Athena Smith, caught Frazier’s eye, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

    “She almost didn’t go, but at the last minute decided to,” Frazier adds with a chuckle. 

    The two eventually got married, and Frazier has called Portland home for most of the 21st century. For the past year, he’s been promoting his 2015 EP, “Blood in the Water,” and will share cuts off it as well as his previous acoustic record, “Follow Me,” at a 9 p.m. show Saturday, Feb. 27, at the Secret Society Ballroom, 116 N.E. Russell St. The Loved and The Frequence share the bill. Tickets are $8. You can learn more at www.secretsociety.net or www.redrayfrazier.com.

    Backing up Frazier on stage will be guitarist Jason Henry, keyboardist Jeff Baxter, DJ Radical Klavical, bassist Tom Nunes and drummer Ezra Holbrook, a longtime friend of Frazier who produced “Blood.” A producer and songwriter who’s familiar to many on the Portland scene, Holbrook was instrumental in making “Blood” what it is. 

    “It was our friendship that really made this record happen,” Frazier says. “He’s always been real supportive of what I do.” 

    Sometimes compared to Lenny Kravitz or Maxwell, Frazier combines soul, gospel, blues, hip-hop, funk, rock and folk in his music. The preacher’s son from Queens via New Jersey, Frazier says he wasn’t always happy having to go to church as a kid, but credits singing in a gospel choir for shaping his sound. 

    “I think when I’m writing songs I probably use a lot of gospel changes and kind of search for that spirit within,” he says. 

    He adds that he went for a slower, midtempo sound on “Blood,” even though live he likes to rev it up. 

    “I do just like being able to nod your head to different grooves,” he says. 

    Standout cuts on the EP include the title track, with a pounding piano track and dubstep meets blues feel, over which Frazier sings “There’s blood in the water/And I know/I know/I know/that sharks are gonna swarm.” The song evokes classic tunes like “I Put a Spell on You,” and is Frazier’s answer to naysayers. 

    “It’s my way of continuing forward when times might not seem so easy, but you know you have to accomplish something, when you know you have to move forward,” Frazier says. 

    Stages of life 

    A music industry veteran, Frazier has sung for C + C Music Factory, Brat Pack, Funky Poets and David Byrne, and has shared the stage with Barenaked Ladies and the Fugees, as well as Kravitz, Ben Harper and a variety of other acts. 

    He spent two years with Byrne, from 2008-10, in his band, which also featured Redray’s brother, Paul Frazier, a noted bassist who’s played with such musicians as Nile Rodgers, Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Chaka Khan. 

    Byrne was an able and knowledgeable band leader, Redray says, adding he always enjoyed one particular moment on stage, when the band did the Talking Heads’ number “Once in a Lifetime.” 

    “That was always the song that let people know it was OK to get up and dance if they weren’t already dancing,” he says with a chuckle. 

    Meanwhile, John Popper of Blues Traveler has occasionally lended a hand to Frazier’s music. One time Redray was playing a gig in Colorado opening for Popper. When Popper took the stage, he invited Frazier to come up and jam on Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” which featured a solo by the lightning fast harmonica-player. 

    “You know the air is thin up there in Colorado,” Frazier says. “I signaled him to do a solo, but instead of 16 bars, it was 32. At that high altitude he was sucking wind! He gave me a look like, ‘When are you coming back in?’”


  • Logan Lynn Taking Over Logo TV’s NewNowNext Twitter Account for the Grammy Awards!

    Logan Lynn New Now Next Grammys 2016

    Gather your screens, kids. 

    This coming Monday, February 15th, is music’s biggest night and I will be taking over Logo TV‘s NewNowNext Blog‘s Twitter account to live tweet the 58th Annual Grammy Awards!

    Now go follow NewNowNext on Twitter HERE so you don’t miss a single moment of the snark and .GIF-ing! This is gonna be fun.

    Logan Lynn by Adrian Sotomayor (2015)

    (P.S. – Check out my new video “The One” on NewNowNext HERE)